3 boys & some rocks!

I grew up as the middle of 3 boys and our home was full of energy.  We kept my parents running and never really allowed my mom to have anything nice, because we had a way of breaking everything!  Never did I think that I could be a daddy to one, let alone 4 kids!  Well, obviously God has a great sense of humor, and He decided to give my wife and I 3 boys of our own.  And yes, they have a unique ability to BREAK EVERYTHING!  

Looking back, I now realize what a tremendous responsibility and trust that God must have in me to think that I can raise boys to be men of Godly character and integrity.  My parents raised my brothers and I to put our faith in Jesus Christ, to be independent, to give 120%, and to never take advantage of others.  Now that we are grown, we all are hard workers, committed husbands, and faithful fathers.  Now, every time I look into the eyes of my 7, 5, and 3 year old sons, I do see the mischievous little boys that wrecked my parents home daily, but I also see something else, I see the makings of future men of God.  So, if you have a son, nephew, or kid brother and you catch him throwing rocks… just remember, one day he will be a man that will imitate what he learned from listening and watching YOU!  

“Point your kids in the right direction—when they’re old they won’t be lost.”


About moakster

I am a married to the amazing Johanna, father to Micah, Malachi, Maddoux, and Emerson, and I serve as the Lead Pastor at a great church in the Silsbee, TX.
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