The weekend is officially coming to a close and I actually have to be somewhere in 25 minutes so this will be quick.  Yesterday I decided to finally do some serious yard work!  I cleaned out the planter bed in front of our house, planted new flowers, restructured the rock border, and topped it all off with a good mix of fertilizer!  The bag says it’s guaranteed to produce twice as healthy plants!  But you know what?… that stuff stinks!  So, how can something that smells that bad, be so good for everything planted in it?  I realized that life is really similar.  There are times when our circumstances really STINK!  But, if we will stay put and try to grow in the hard times, the result is a much healthier ME in the end.  Because somehow, God takes those difficult, nasty, trying, and downright smelly situations and does something we never expected with them… He uses them to turn us into a beautiful rose that looks (and smells) like something we could never achieve on our own, HIMSELF!


About moakster

I am a married to the amazing Johanna, father to Micah, Malachi, Maddoux, and Emerson, and I serve as the Lead Pastor at a great church in the Silsbee, TX.
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